Cannot access internal Nextcloud instance using unbound as upstream DNS resolver

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I have an internal Nextcloud instance that I've been using for a number of years. I have a DDNS entry that redirects to my Comcast IP address and had been access that instance without issues. I reciently configured unbound in my Pi-Hole instead of using Cloudflare and/or Quad9. Shortly after, I was not able to access my internal Nextcloud instance. If I ping the domain name from any internal device, it resolves properly and give me my current Comcast IP address. I've got my router setup for port forwarding.

I'm obviously missing something.

Expected Behaviour:

I ender the domain name that resolved to my internal nextcloud instance. I am presented with the nextcloud login page.

Actual Behaviour:


Debug Token:

How have you configured unbound to know the IP of your internal nextcloud instance? What device on your network knows this domain name to IP association?

I guess I did not... Might you please let me know where I can find details on how to do that?

Is it host files, or an Unbound configuration?

Am I going to have the same thing with a VPN? I'll be installing PiVPN on the same device as Pi-Hole.


No, it does not:

When the browser queried the domain it came back as NXDOMAIN. Are you sure there is no typo? Does this happen with another browser? And on all clients?

Actually it does. At the command line of my Pi-Hole device, I ping the domain name and I get back my routers public IP address from Comcast. I have forwarded ports 80 and 443 through to my nextcloud box.

Yes, all clients and browsers. I have a browser link that I've used for years and that fails as well.

More details.

I set up DHCP from the Pi-Hole for all my devices with the Pi-Hole (with Unbound) as my DNS server. When I ping the domain name from my laptop, no dice. I then hardcoded DNS on my laptop and I was able to resolve the domain name and get the browser to connect to the nextcloud instance.

So, I am doing something wrong and probably need to set something up for this to resolve properly. I would very much like some guidance on what I need to do and where to find some details on how to do it.