Cache location - where to install

Heloo dear friends,
I have help for choosing how to run Pi-Hole.Options depend on cache location. When I start Pi-Hole service, do PiHole load blacklist and cached DNS queris to RAM memory and then do magic, or they check blacklist and DNS queries in file which is stored on HDD.

#1 option is to run it in VM, on RAMDisk, with 2-3 GB memory and 256 MB of ram
#2 option is to run it on separate system ( LGA 775 / Intel P4 - 3 GHz / 4 GB RAM / 200 GB HDD /

I like #1 option because it is really fast, and if Pi-Hole load up blacklist and DNS cache from HDD to RAM there is no need to run this way anymore. If they load from HDD to RAM then is no need for RAMdisk.RAMDisk read-write speed is nice in comparasion with HDD. So basic question is will it bee so fast on HDD like in VM on RAMDisk.

I run it on antiX-core without gui. AntiX is so lightweight linux that 256 MB of ram is more than enough for PI-hole and for antiX itself.

I hopes you understand what I mean, because my English is not so good. Thank you

C`mon people, does anybody know the answer: Does Pi-Hole compare requested DNS on list from HDD or RAM because of speed? Which option for install is better?

DNSmasq is the one that handling the list. DNSmasq is integrated in Pi-hole FTL.

The list is converted to a hash table and so used and it seems logical to keep these hashes in RAM.

If it will fit in a small space depends on the size of the used list.