Bulk deletion of blacklist/whitelist entries

Currently there is no easy I am aware of how you can completely empty or delete a large amount of white/blacklist items after the migration to 5.0. I would like to see a button to completely empty those lists and maybe check boxes to select multiple entries or all currently shown entries.

I'd support this request, and once such selection tickboxes are implemented (to allow bulk deletion as per this FR), I would suggest to add another "multi-action" feature: add/remove from group(s):
select multiple list entries, and then have a button (same as the "group assignment" dropdown in each row in "group managment > domains") to assign (or remove) the selected rows (i.e. domains) to (or from) one or more groups.

Edit: now opened an extended FR here.

has there been any progress in this regard? i'm a newbie and added way too much stuff to my blacklist and it would be very helpful to delete all my entries

Have a look here. You can do this from the command line

thank you, i eventually punched in pihole -b and discovered there is an option to remove all entries by typing pihole -b —nuke

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Hey there,

would like to see this feature too. Because deleting domains out of the whitelist takes a huuuuge while one by one :frowning:

An easy way would be a checkbox in the first row of the list and a dropdown to choose of the actions:


If that's easy for you to implement, consider contributing and submit your code to Pi-hole on GitHub. Working code is a good way to increase the chances of the Pi-hole team accepting and implementing a feature request.


I would if I could :wink:
Javascript is out of range for me.

That's what I was thinking too.
A tick box in front of each entry and a "Select All" box at the top.
Unfortunately I'm no good with programming to assist but its currently quicker and easier to reimage the RPi SD card and reinstall than to delete 1-5M blacklist entries.

Will likely be part of the next release

Released with Pi-hole FTL v5.16, Web v5.13 and Core v5.11.1 released