Bug (?) in pihole -t code

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Please ensure that you are running the latest version of the beta code.
Run pihole -up to update to the latest, then verify that the problem still exists before reporting it.

Problem with Beta 5.0:
I believe this could be a bug while looking at the code.

From the code, it seems like you guys want to remove the dnsmasq[xxx] from the display output.

I edited the line to the following and it is working (I think how it was intended to).

-e "s,($(date +'%b %d ')| dnsmasq\[.*[0-9]\]),,g" \

** backslash before “[” and “]”

Debug Token:


Ah, yes, thanks for pointing this out, we will make sure to fix this before releasing Pi-hole v5.0.

Thanks for using the Pi-hole and making it a better software!

This will be addressed by