Bug - deleting DHCP leases


I’m using an iPhone and safari. Not yet tested elsewhere and sorry if already reported.

So when in Settings DHCP. You can delete the lease using the trash icon to the right, but if you try selecting it using the checkbox then the trash icon at the bottom, it returns an error. The provided IPv4 address is invalid

So looks like it’s ignoring the . After 192.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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Thanks for your report and sorry for it having gone unnoticed for so long. Please try the new web branch fix/mass_delete using, e.g.

pihole checkout web fix/mass_delete

and check if this fixes the issue for you.

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Good catch @tomwilson I been having issues with DHCP, but I have never tried to delete all the leases at the same time!
I can confirm with the fix all DHCP leases are deleted.

Has the fix been added to the development release?

Not yet.

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The team reminded me that we had exactly the same fix from over half a year ago - hence, I closed this newly created duplicate and we are awaiting review on the older one.

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