Bring Back the blocked page in the new (ish) v4 default blocking mode?


Could you guys potentially bring back the “pihole has blocked” page that shows in the ip blocking mode to the new default blocking mode. its a nice page. shame ill never get to acually see it in use.


There are surely (technical) reasons why there is no blocking page in the current default mode (NULL).

Advantages and disadvantages of the different blocking modes on


You have to do something and thrn you can see the by you admired page again, it was never gone.

On the page mentioned by mibere you can find blockingmode=IP which what you are longing for.


You can see it in use. Please refer to the Pi-Hole documentation (you may have not read the release notes for version 4.0), and choose either blocking mode IP or IP-NODATA-AAAA. Either of these two choices will restore the block page you desire.