Blocking ads on Youtube only works with firefox

I recently installed Pihole and it works great in most cases. But I have some issues with Youtube. It doesn't block ads on Youtube (browser and app) except when I'm using firefox. Can anybody help me out please?

There is a long running thread on the topic of YouTube ads:

I've alreaedy seen some topics about youtube but I can't understand why I should change my pihole settings when it works fine in firefox but doesn't work in any other browser.

Pi-Hole operates independently of your browsers. If you have different behavior between browsers on a client connected to Pi-Hole, the place to look is in the browser settings.

For example, do you have any browser extensions installed on Firefox? Any ad-blockers, settings for ad blocking in the preferences, etc?

I have a clean installation of firefox. I just reinstalled it and it just works out of the box. Then I installed Waterfox which is based on firefox and it doesn't work. I'm using the default firefox settings and no adblock.
The ads next to the videos are replaced with connection errors and I don't get any video ads as it should be. On every other instance of youtube I get video ads as well as ads next to the videos.

This is a browser behavior. You can use these Pi-Hole tools to help you determine why this is happening with that particular browser.

Okay, I'll diagnose it tomorrow. Thanks for your help. I'll keep you up to date!

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