Blocked servers not entering statistics?

Hello, I have a Volumio internet radio. This software (Volumio) is trying to contact every 5 seconds. For some reasons i do not want an update at this point so i block this server form pushing an update i don't want. Then there is our solarconverter that is trying to "phone home" to China every 5-10 minutes. This one is also blocked. As a result my statistics show between 80 and 90% traffic blocked. This is true but... is there a way to keep some blocked servers out of the statistic but still block them with the Pi-Hole? I know this is a weird question but i am trying to evaluate the effectiveness of my blocklists using the statistics from the Pi-hole and it would help if these 2 where not counted in the statistics. How do i make a list that sends these servers to another "bogus" address so they are not "blocked" as such but don't reach there destination?

No. You can remove clients and domains from the "top" lists but not from the overall stats.

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Hello jfb, Thank you for your answer on my "wierd"question!

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