Blocked Facebook


I am not sure if pihole is blocking Facebook photos, or if there is another issue.
My wife is frequently on facebook and a day or two ago, she reported her Ipad was not displaying photos, this morning her Win10 computer is not displaying ANY photos from FB. I have flushed dns on the win10, whitelisted several FB sites, and restarted dns on the pi reset opendns and google, rebooted the win10, tried chrome browser, its even worse, nothing shows up.
Is there a list that has ALL sites associated with FB, that I can input?
The strange issues, I am using kubuntu, and mozilla, I have no issues with photos showing, android device, thru the web, shows no photos.
Can you give some pointers?


Found the following in blacklist:
removed that, now she is happy.
So, should the above be added to:

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