Block Taboola, Outbrain, etc

I've tried blocking every domain and subdomain related to this type of ad service that I can find, yet still see them all over new articles. Is there any way to get rid of this crap?

This might be of some use to you:

When you say to put your Pi's IP, you mean the local IP like, right? Not the local host IP of

Correct, that is what I meant!

Taboola ads are still showing up. In the DNS section of chrome://net-internals, shows up with my Pi's IP, but ads aren't blocked somehow. I cleared hosts on that page, cleared the cache in the app settings, and rebooted both the Pi and my phone.

Are you blocking on both IPv4 and IPv6?

It could also be that some of the taboola ads are self-hosted (by the main website, not taboola) javascript injections...

Ran through the installer again since I couldn't remember if I set it as IPv6 before, and Taboola still showed up same as before. Site I'm looking at is if that makes any difference.

I'm not seeing any taboola entries at all for that page! Checked on chrome://net-internals/#dns too. (Neat trick, by the way, not seen that before!)

Could you run pihole -d and post up your debug log for us to check over?

Pi-hole debug log

Interestingly Taboola doesn't show up on my laptop, but it does on my Android phone. Both are on the same Wi-Fi and using the Pi as DNS server.

I wonder if they're cached on your phone? Take a look at this guide for how to watch your logs for clues:

Maybe On the mobile site they're coming from a different, unblocked domain....