Block page not showing

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Brand spanking new install of Ubuntu Server 16.04, updated and then pihole installed, nothing else, nothing else running on server other than default services

Expected Behaviour:

Blockpage should show and most importantly show template with admin email for unblock…

Actual Behaviour:

While block works, no block page is shown, just “Server Not Found”

Debug Token:


From the announcement blog post:

Default Block Mode Is Different (And The Block Page Is Disabled)

Pi-hole has used IP-based blocking since it’s inception. With 4.0, we introduce several different choices of blocking methods. And after much discussion internally, we decided to change the default blocking mode to NULL blocking.

The main reason for this is that it eliminates the need for iptables rules currently needed for slow-loading pages. Having to make these adjustments post-install is a hassle for new and experienced users alike, plus NULL blocking provides the same end result without the negative side effects. A result of this change is that the block page will no longer work (unless you choose to use an IP blocking mode).

NULL blocking is just the new default, and there are several different blocking modes you can choose from, so use the one that fits your needs the best.

So this must have only recently changed because i installed pihole elsewhere like a week ago and the block page was working

This is a huge showstopper that should be more widely publicized, how many people are used to just running the bash script and would never know,. and then pull their hair out for hours like i have??

How does a timeout issue thats been dealt with by a few workable methods for ages override the functionality of having a blockpage where end users can easily bring a site to your attention for unblocking ??

Was there a vote?

This is insanity of the highest kind, to make that change without an announcement that people would hear about…

Huge own goal pihole devs…

Just my 5 cents

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For those who want their sanity back and to revert to the previous behaviour:

nano /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf

Add line:



Restart pihole

service pihole-FTL restart

Sanity restored

Where do i get the hours i wasted reinstalling pihole and reconfigging it 20 times etc back?

In version 4.0, yes, as mentioned in the version 4.0 announcement blog post.

Again, I refer you to the version 4.0 announcement blog post.

So I get that people might be used to just firing and forgetting on the script, but if software you’ve installed has a different version number to versions you have previously installed, it’s probably a good idea to check for any kind of release notes, or something like an announcement blog post to see if there have been any changes since the previous version.

As mentioned in the announcement blog post, we discussed this at length internally and decided that this was the best method to use as default. As I have mentioned elsewhere, with the increasing spread of https, the block page is becoming increasingly irrelevant in any case, as it only works on calls to http sites.

I think you need to reassess your definition of insanity.

Did I mention the announcement blog post yet? I forget.

Thanks also for providing users the instructions on how to change the blocking mode. As we have already done in the announcement blog post by providing a link to the instructions page on how to change the blocking mode.

Oh, and to requote the part I already quoted in my original reply:

NULL blocking is just the new default, and there are several different blocking modes you can choose from, so use the one that fits your needs the best.

The above quote is taken from, you guessed it, announcement blog post.

Time you may not have wasted had you reviewed the release notes, or the announcement blog post, but who am I to judge.

Glad you were able to resolve the issue with no provided information from us. Thanks for using Pi-hole!


@PromoFaux: Don’t feed the trolls…

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I get your point, i hope you can appreciate mine, because i garauntee you theres more people out there who are going to share the same frustration…

Respectfully, half way down the page. long long past the usual “Install by running one command:” is a link to a blog post (which doesnt trumpet the real importance of changes within), its hardly the best practice for announcing a long used major function breaking change, should be above the fold…just saying. If nothing else your web master might consider this, with a bold Read this first…would be my suggestion


Not a troll, a legitimate end user.

I cant be the first, and wont be the last, to make the points i have

Its resolved for me now, so i will respectfully close the encounter.

No need for you to try and troll now…

an end user seeking help does not polemicize, but asks

Thanks for feedback regarding the positioning of blog posts on the main page. I’ll feed it back to the relevant folk and see if we feel that it is something that should change.

Just putting this out there… the aforementioned announcement post is also stickied right at the top of this very website :wink:

Before this gets too offtopic, i’ll refer everyone to the community guidelines, and close this post.

Play nice kids!

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I get the frustration and have been in the same boat with different software.

I think promo’s best point was always read release notes! It can really save your sanity.

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Due to v4.0 being a major and (in some ways) breaking change, the version was set to v4.0 instead of a minor version of v3 to signify this. According to Semantic Versioning, a major version update allows breaking changes.