Block or allow services on internet under categories

This feature has on many platforms mcafee web gateway, untangle, safedns, fortiguard, iboss, smoothwall, barracuda, sophos filtering, titan filtering, comodo domeshield, opendns, netnany, flashstart, dnsfilter, mimecast web security, clouduss web-categories, forcepoint, codeproof, scoutdns, goguardian etc.

Example categories: alcohol, dating, drugs, news, shopping, search engines, chat apps.

Pi-hole team can add this feature to upcoming version. Some platforms like nextdns, cleanbrowsing has implemented way for this to toggle as per-service basis eg: skype, reddit, ebay,... i don't feel interest about it then above said method cover every services around the world belong to each category (and not several).

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Cloudflare also has such facility. maybe there's way to get benefit from it. (list of categories)

Pi-hole doesn't maintain any adlists. It includes one lists by default to make it easier to beginners to use Pi-hole.
You're free to add lists of any source for any purpose (porn, social,..) you want.

Since v5.0 you can enable/disable each list separately, add a comments (e.g. category description) and group them for fine-grain client assignment.

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