Block low reputation domains

Hi community!

I recently stumbled upon a sketchy ad on my Android, and of course I clicked on it! :smiley: I’m just way too curious.

The domain is http:||
The full URL, for those who likes this kind of things: http:||


The WHOIS tells me the domain is 3 days old (bought on June 25th). But everything is blocked out (privacy guard/shield/whatever).

Here’s what the page looks like:

Searching on multiple search engines didn’t seem to help.
I know there is A LOT of those websites around and of course some will get through… but… Is it possible to block newly created domains or those with low reputation?

Happy hunting,

EDIT: Damn, the site is down, they are moving fast!

Don’t worry, they will be back at any moment, showing their stuff on your phone.

I don’t know if uBlock original can be installed in the browser of your phone (Chrome) and have a look in their store. Firefox allows uBlock original in its browser for Android or even better use Waterfox.

I also use Netguard on my Android devices and can be run without having to root your device.