Block internet access at certain times

Kids spending too much time on the internet? Would be nice to be able to add their device MAC addresses to a group that blocks Internet access (maybe routes all traffic to localhost address) between the hours of 20:00 and 08:00 or whatever you set it too.


The client IP based rules will be the next level of sophistication; and can help pi-hole grow into "parental control" device as well.

Also, it would be great if certain IP(s) can skip gravity (always or as per schedule).

You could achieve that with a bit of coding.

You'd need to use the Pi-hole as a DHCP server and push certain DNS settings to specific MAC addresses (kids devices) at certain times.

You can automate that to enable/disable via cron at specific times and based on the device MAC address, to "affect" only a select few devices.

This is doable also with the above process. It wouldn't rely on the IP though. It would still use the MAC address. One can use IP reservation though so that way, the same IP is assigned to the corresponding MAC address.

As a non-coding pi-hole user, it would be of substantial benefit to me to not have to leave the pihole ui to setup a cronjob.

Just something to consider...

While I agree with your point of view, I must remind you that Pi-hole is, at it's base a DNS resolver, not a parental control tool.

Also, I believe having Pi-hole installed, is only half the fun.

Tinkering, learning and enhancing it, to your own needs, is far more valuable when you do it yourself.

I think that victory has a different, better taste and it's highly motivational.

And then, sharing it, that almost brings it to closing the loop of open source.

That, until someone else picks up your work, and enhances it, makes it better and ads their own view to it.

Feel free to take Pi-hole and enhance it, modify it, make it better for you and if you'd like, share it with the community for other people to use.


There is nothing in your response I disagree with. Tinkering, learning, modifying to fit needs - yes, all valuable. Absolutely. I also agree that the Pi-Hole isn't designed to be all things to all people.

I also believe the pi-hole shouldn't be the exclusive domain of the tech savvy, the tinkerers, the programmers. In that regard, I envision Pi-Hole to be a means of empowering regular, everyday people who simply want to enhance their security and protect their privacy; those that may not have the time and/or inclination to learn more. (Yes, I still agree with you. I'm wholeheartedly subscribe to the notion that, "No one is more invested in your security or privacy than you!")

Please understand that my earlier comment is more directed at immediate accessibility for those like myself who "aren't there yet", not that I (or one) should expect set it and forget it conditions when adopting and using Pi-Hole.


Is the Pi-Hole the best tool for timing internet access? Many of the newer routers already have this feature, along with manual assignment of DNS servers by MAC address, bandwidth limits, etc.

Rather than have Pi-Hole duplicate what other platforms already do, might it be better to use what already exists?

Example: for kid friendly internet, set up a Pi-Hole with appropriate block lists and filtered DNS (i.e. OpenDNS). Point the kid's computers to that Pi-Hole via the router settings. Have the router block internet access for the kid devices at designated times.

Agreed. Makes sense.

We're not in opposition here. I hope you've realized by now (as we're responding to one another on various threads atm), I'm also learning more about the system (not that I'm abusing the feature request system in order to learn)...

Feature requests are always welcomed.

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Pfsense is a really good router/firewall that can offer parental control on a schedule for those that need it.

PFsense fails when it comes to application filtering. I think OPNsense can add extra mile to it.


How so? I've never had issues stopping Internet based on time like the original post suggests.

a solution with V5 here:

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Closing this as duplicate in favor of

This older FR requested time based blocking already. Defining clients based on MAC is already worked on:

With the Group Management introduced in v5.0 you can already easily define a group with your kids IP and block access to any domain (via wildcard blacklist).

Votes are released. If you still support the idea, please vote over there.

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