Better DHCP admin

I am now using my pi-hole for DHCP, and its working great. However, the interface is very simple and basic. It would be nice to have full page layouts, better sorting ability, the ability to force a client to re-request an address, etc etc etc. Thanks.

I just came here to post this. Agreed that the DHCP page need some work. Better sorting, who sorts via MAC as default? My house has 70 or so some nodes, trying to set them up is a pain.

What would you prefer to see as a default sort? The table that the information is stored in is already sortable on each column...

Edit: Perhaps hostname makes the most sense

Well for me, and I would think other people, it would be easier to use if the DHCP Lease Reservations were sorted by default on IP Address, and starting with the lowest IP. I want to see is an IP already reserved.

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Cool, thanks. I actually went ahead and made it by domain, but... I've had another thought. Watch this space.

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In other parts of this regarding actually administering DHCP, I would dearly, desperately love to see an option for supporting other DHCP scopes and handling being the target for a DHCP Relay. Ideally of course it would be fully fleshed out - each addition the user fills in the Gateway IP and netmask, from which Pi-Hole parses the correct netblock and allows for scope ranges and the like. Even if that's not possible though, as simple as a text box to edit the configs would be wonderful.

As far as config, assuming nothing in 5.0 has drastically changed things, the DNSmasq config lines are dhcp-option=tag:guests,option:router, and dhcp-range=set:guests,,,,12h - that's all that's needed to hand out a 192.168.10.x address to any router forwarding from I unfortunately don't have the coding chops or the time to acquire them to actually do the work, but it's the one thing that would really make a huge difference in ease of administration for me.

I just made some basic css injection to get what I would love to be able to configure:

Side by side tables and full width page