Auto update dns - software for windows clients

i have many pcs from my family which i should administrate.
is there a software where i can update the dns domain/ip for every windows pc remotely?
For example: i login to a website and can set there a new ip as dns resolver and the windows software is updating it for every windows pc?


Is Pihole with Fixed IP? Only change the DHCP settings to disrupt DNS over the network.

You can set that ad DHCP server level.

Either on your router level (if it supports that) or you can use Pi-hole as DHCP server and configure it to provide a DHCP lease to the clients, with custom DNS servers.

You can even specify DNS servers per client as in MAC1 gets a DNS and MAC2 gets a different DNS.

Thanks for your answers.
The clients arent in the same network.
Pi-hole is running on a server where are only some ip ranges are allowed.
You know any software which can do the auto updates for the dns adress in windows?


I don’t … I’m sure you could use Autoit to create one that suits your needs though …

I would prefer a ready to use software.
Im not aware about autoit.


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