Approximate Geographic location for IP addresses

My apologies if this has been discussed previously ( I did a search and could not find anything similar)but I think it would be a very nice feature to be able to obtain the approximate geographic location of certain IP addresses that are seen through Pi-hole within the UI. (Ex. In addition it could also be very useful to have the ability to blacklist certain addresses or all addresses based on geographic location (Ex. addresses located in China).

That’s more of a firewall type application. You can block IP ranges way more efficiently with a firewall utility / application.

Free GeoIP is rather inaccurate. Even worse - while I agree that such a map may look really - I’m afraid it will not provide all that much information comparing to the amount of work it would be to determine the geolocations for all IPs upstream server reply with. We did some research for an integration into pihole-FTL almost two years ago and this code still exists, however, we never achieved a performance that was acceptable. There are no plans to revisit this in the near future.

I see this as an entirely separate feature request. With addresses you mean IP addresses or domains?

In the former case, this would be even more performance critical as it mean that we would need to (try to) determine the geolocation of a returned IP address before handing out this address to the requesting client. Currently, there is no such delay, we immediately pass the result to the client.

If the latter case (block domains from some country, such as China), this is already possible as you can easily define regex filters that will block entire top level domains.

Thank you very much for the quick response and explanation. Please feel free to close this.

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And is daily updated sorted by country, al in CIDR notation.

Awesome thank you so much for this !!

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