Android resolve my pihole via

The issue I am facing: resolve on static ip using android so my mobile devices can resolve on mobile network on my pihole remotely.

Details about my system:
Believe for android I need a domain SRV record to point, what I'm unsure of is if the pihole needs to be set to resolve or will resolve all requests on port 53

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
DNS port 53 reachable to pihole from Internet checking port open externally. :thinking:

SRV record update 24-48hours
Thank you

***Update ***
looking at they have an A name record as they do resolving on mxtoolbox. are not using srv records.

I have duplication of above and still with and port 53 open and forwarding to pihole-no joy on pfsense router.
Should this be dns over tls

Opening port 53 creates an open resolver, which will be quickly discovered and put to no good use.

Don't do this.

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