Android blocklist testing and sharing for my offline phone

I came across this dns request in my log when testing my offline phone.

i did a search....By the way the teleported has no problems adding the request to the domains list.
I now get bad gateway at https://

I was able to download some info on androids and there contact purpose in chinese.
I converted all the addresses to a blocklist removed some like gogleplay.

Note there are 155 lines, 66 of which are duplicates that could be removed, leaving 89 unique domains.

$ wc -l apkpure 
     155 apkpure
$ uniq apkpure | wc -l

Yes.. I let the pihole take care of that now I am writing QB64 programs in Windows.
I had http or https on all the domains plus...

            If b$ = "/" Then Exit For
            If b$ = " " Then Exit For
            If b$ = ":" Then Exit For
            If b$ = "?" Then Exit For