Alternative upstream DNS (Unbound)


Are you running Jessie then? Stretch is on 1.6 with a few security backports, even that is quite old. Otherwise I was thinking about installing Opensuse Tumbleweed on a Pi just for Unbound, still at 1.83 but at least it’s a rolling release…


I do indeed run Jessie and and I have the services I run mostly a more recent patch level like do with Unbound.
I can’t upgrade Spamassassin because of a dependency on Perl but the current version works just fine.

When you would use different Linux version you could run in problems with Pi-hole and those problem would soon be out of scope for support.


Yes, Opensuse is not supported by Pi-Hole but I was thinking of setting up a separate Pi with it on just for Unbound. Too bad because Opensuse seems to be working well with the Pi, 64bit and all. I have plenty of unused Pi’s but now I don’t have to… :slight_smile: