Alpine linux support?

How about Alpine Linux support now that is has a build for the Pi? :slight_smile:

EDIT: ok, looks like it had Pi-support even before 3.9.0... but still. :slight_smile:

+1 for me
Alpine is small and more resource efficient. An official Alpine install would lead to a switch from Debian to Alpine in the official docker image.

See: @diginc Docker Pi-hole on Alpine base aarch64. QoS priority+ cake-sqm

As mentioned in the article the docker image would shrink a lot...

Hi, FYI I got pihole working on alpine 3.10. I started from scratch, but my work has been inspired by @deftdawg patch and by the last_alpine_commits branch and it's available here and here.

Awesome. I was able to install Pihole on alpine aarch64 with your fork, but I haven't been able get it properly configured. Lighthttpd doesn't seem to be in apk for aarch so I installed Pihole without the web interface. Now I can't get pihole-FTL to start up the dns. If I manually start dnsmasq Was there any extra steps you had to do to set up the dns? I don't necessarily need the web gui.


For me it's working, but there's only one problem: ip -oneline is broken in alpine >= 3.9 and thus the discovery of the interfaces fails. I manually edited /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf to set the PIHOLE_INTERFACE variable.

Trying your fork on alpine 3.11

I think ip -online is fixed on 3.11, so that should be a non issue.

One issue I ran into is that the blocklist update script ( generates the sqlite input with an extra empty line between each entry, which causes the blocklist update to fail. Installing gnu sed to replace busybox sed fixed this.

Any plans to upstream the alpine support?

I managed to manally install Pi-hole FTL & Admin on Alpine Linux Install on "non-supported" distro?

@yiding I got the gravity update script working with only a few minor patches.