Allow some clients to bypass Pi-Hole

Can't I update the dnsmasq with a separate static DHCP config for my phone's MAC, with a different DNS? Thanks

Yes you can. But that client will have no filtering from Pi-Hole. I may have misunderstood what you want to do.

If you use Pi-Hole as your DHCP server, you can use dnsmasq settings to specify an alternate DNS for clients by MAC address - these clients will not use Pi-Hole.

You can also manually assign DNS on the client, and that will also result in that client bypassing Pi-Hole.

Ok, so I can't have the static dhcp device point to pihole and the rest point to a different DNS?

I'm trying to work around a power drain bug on a device, when static IP s are set. Thanks

You can. See the reply above (reply 2) (may have been missed because I moved this question to a new thread).

Thanks, sounds good
Yes I did miss that posting.

There is an entire topic, with examples here. If you are also using unbound, look at my solution here.

Great. Thanks

I got this to work by MAC. I'm wondering, is there a way to get this to work (different DNS config) by SSID?

I see online examples to do that, but that's for when the dnsmasq instance is running on a router and you have separate interfaces to work off of. Thanks.

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