Allow regex to exclude entries from Top Lists and from Query Log?


Would it be feasible to allow the use of regex in

  1. API settings > Top Lists (Top Domains / Top Advertisers and maybe also Top Clients), so they no longer show up? Currently, it is only possible to use full domains there but no regex.
  2. And maybe in the same place a setting to exclude queries (also by regex) from the Query Log?

E.g. I do not want to see all permutations of these blocked queries:

|2023-07-26 18:37:05|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.0ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:04|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:03|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:02|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:01|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:00|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:36:59|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:36:58|A|||Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||


Top Blocked Domains

Domain Hits Frequency
[] 348
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70
[] 70

It's an app on Fire TV from a German TV broadcaster that wants to use tracking (but I don't want :wink: ).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :slight_smile:

There is a related open feature request here, and some comments from DL6ER on the impact of wildcards.

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