Airtiescloud- what is it?

Hey all! This is my inaugural post.

I was perusing my query log and found this domain hit my router:

Internet comes up with the following:
“AirTies Remote Manager Central Monitoring, Diagnostics and Optimization for in Home Wi-Fi Network Remote Manager is a a cloud based system that helps Service Providers, deploying AirTies Managed Wi-Fi Solution, to troubleshoot and pin point in-home Wi-Fi iss
Is this something blacklist-worthy? For the record, I blocked it anyway and WiFi still works. :+1:t2:

It appears that the request for the domain came from the router itself or a connected wireless extender:

Thanks! It turned out that WiFi performance degraded shortly after blocking it. It would have been nice of ATT to INFORM their customers of this rather than my Pihole alerting me.:expressionless:

I’m just naturally suspicious by default with anything that remotely connects to my router WITHOUT my consent.

Thanks again, and keep up the superb work👍🏻