Advanced filtering for wild card blocking

So I see mention that wild card support is coming? Am I correct in this?

Where I would like to see wild card support in the top domain list.. I have a iot device that queries ps-??? quite often. Where the ??? will be some new number.. So while I can add, to the exclude list in the settings. Tomorrow it might be, and now there it is on the top of domain list. I know this device queries this a lot.. I don't really care to have it take up spot on this list, I would like to see whatelse other domains are seeing the most queries..

I should be able to put in say * and should not be listed on the top domain lists. Thanks.. I would of put this in the feature request section, but there is another thread were wildcards have already been asked for. I was just wondering if this is on that same road map..

Or if there is some other way to accomplish it currently other than via the gui?

You are right, we have a working implementation of wildcard blocking finished but it is on hold for going into the main code since it requires testing.

Your feature request goes into the direction of customizing the advanced filtering capabilities of the API, like

  • (only prevent exact matches from coming up)
  • * (also suppress things like

This is planed but not yet done.

It is now implemented in the new FTL backend for all three tables.

Thanks.. Any sort of eta on when that might be available?

Does it helps with blocking YouTube ads? Since domain names often changes.

It should help. See this for more detail.

Cool! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Has this feature been added ? I'm not able to enter wildcards into the exclude list in ftl for either top clients or top top domains. eg *

Yes, we've had wildcarding for a while now.