Ads not blocked on iPhone

No because I was getting ads before I deployed pihole

It is routed at the dns ip that pi hole gave to me when I set it up and it is routed at the same thing all my other devices are and it works for them

If you tail the Pi-Hole log and browse to a web site or open a web-connected app on that Phone, are you seeing DNS traffic from that Phone? For troubleshooting purposes, what is the assigned IP of the Phone?

The dns ip or the one that is assigned by my router

The IP of the device, however it got it (manual assignment, from the DHCP server, either one).

I’m looking for a number here, so I can give you some commands to run for some additional information.

In the log for the device on the admin website it says there is no data avalible for the device and the ip is

This is a strong indication that the iPhone is using a different DNS than Pi-Hole. On the phone, look at settings > Wifi > click the circled “i” next to the active WiFi name > DNS > configure DNS. This screen should show you the DNS servers in use by that iPhone. The only IP listed should be the IP of Pi-Hole.

What do you see there?

It is set to the pi hole dns ip

What is the IP address for the iPhone?

It is

From the Pi terminal, what is the output of

grep /var/log/pihole.log* | tail -n20

It shows a bunch of querys

That indicates that DNS traffic is going to Pi-Hole. What are the exact URL’s or apps on the iPhone where you are seeing ads? Perhaps I can duplicate on my iPhone. I always use this as a test to see if it is working because pi hole blocks ads on this website for my android tablet

Please tail the pihole log with this command from the command line, and then open that website on the iPhone and then post the output of the tail.

pihole -t

There is a bunch of red highlighted
Microsoft.var queries

If this is all you saw, then the iPhone is getting it’s DNS elsewhere. Possibilities include an IPv6 DNS from the router, a VPN turned on, data on the cellular network and not on WiFI, a DNS service like running, etc.

That was the solution I had as a vpn profile running in background. Sorry I wasted your time for something as simple as that. Thank you very much

Glad it’s resolved and your iPhone isn’t seeing (many) ads.

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