Ads are somehow circumventing PiHole using StevenBlack/hosts is one of the only two TV channels i Denmark.
This site is showing ads despite that I got a well working PiHole configured!!
I have seen this on other sites but this one I use frequently and therefore remember the URL :wink:

The domains where the ads aparently downloads from ARE included in the adlist I am using (

Is this issue new?
I am running the latest versions of everything:

i see no ads on that site with my setup and i haven't blacklisted it manually.
not using that list you've posted however so it must be on another that i am using (or rather its ads are).
certainly features if that helps

I added to blocklist as wildcard and :boom: ads begone without breaking the site - Thank You SO much :exclamation:

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glad to have helped.

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