Additional setting needed

I have been using log-queries=extra, in order to identify all log lines, associated to a query, but it doesn't appear to be possible to change the default line in /etc/pihole/dnsmasq.conf

extra toml configuration entry ?

PR has been merged into development-v6

@DL6ER , @yubiuser

doesn't look good,

  • stop FTL, change toml, start FTL
  • change via web interface (screen doesn't reload after change)

result, both methods...

but commented out, in /etc/pihole/dnsmasq.conf

# Enable query logging

to clarify
unchecked (disabled) -> dnsmasq needs "log-queries"
checked (enabled) -> dnsmasq needs "log-queries=extra"

Yes, there is a typo in the code that adds the new line but falsely comments it out. Will be fixed by

Should work now, please update