Adding alias-clients to Pi-hole FTL

Thank you for tackling this! I will load it on one of my pi-holes to test layer tonight!

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I see new/mac_clients has been merged into development by now. Is this the time to make a PR for this feature? Can it be considered ready? I did a lot of tests by now and everything seems to work everywhere. Another awesome feature. When you release this, you should definitely not make it a 5.1.3 micro step but jump straight to v5.2


We just updated this branch to the latest changes, fixes and improvements from the development branch. It would be very helpful if you could update your Pi-holes to the latest version and verify if everything still works as desired.

Thank you for your continued assistance in helping us make Pi-hole better for us all :slight_smile:

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Yes, it does. I see you pushed an update recently. Everything still works beautifully. I'm really looking forward to seeing this merged into Pi-hole. It increases usability quite a lot. I am finally able to see all the various MAC addresses (laptop Ethernet IPv4+6, Wi-Fi IPv4+6, mobile phone IPv4+6) under one entry per device. This is tremendously helpful.

Any ETA on this being merged to the development branch so it makes its way towards master? :slight_smile:

We are still looking for a better name than super-clients. Or maybe striving arguments for why it should be super. It is actually more a client-grouping, so maybe client-groups ?

The 'superclient' name is too close to 'superuser' for me. I don't have a suggestion for a replacement, but I'd like something that doesn't have the connotation that comes with something 'super' in linux.

Maybe something like client-units or multi-client?

IP group ?

Hmm, units seems strange to me. multi-client is already better, still looking for the convincing term that rules 'em all. Maybe something like aggregation-clients or something altogether different like device.

I'd see this as well too close to the group filtering (while it does not filter anything at all).

IP bundle ?

Bundles or BClients?


Clusters feel more like a grouping of different clients, bundle is closer to what is being modeled but there still may be better phrasing.


Flip it around,

client bundle

It's still a single client, it has many identifiers though.

client id group
client id bundle

Meant that a Bundled Client is closer than a Client Bundle but that's getting deep in to semantics.

as in Client Bundle of IP's MAC's whatever :wink: