Add support for ignorelist.txt (skip the log)

Devices like "Fire TV" (and other Amazon's devices) literally flood the DNS logs.

In about 10 hours, each of my "Fire TV" devices made over 12000 query to '' ; and the entries remains as blocked even if I block the domain.

Another domain which I find being slammed pretty hard is "" (by default blocked, but frequency remains same even after white-listing).

These entries make DB bloated and cause extreme slowness (or crash) in Web UI

For example - this URL will crash your browser if you own Fire devices - http://pi-hole/admin/queries.php?

Enhancement / Feature Request

It would be great if FTL can natively support ignorelist.txt (or skiplogs.txt) ; anything listed there should skip the logging system and bring back the sanity to pi-hole.

And the corresponding UI to manage it.

I'm closing this FR as duplicate in favor of