Add config option to move web admin location


For security reasons I would like to change the default web admin url /admin.
This can easily be done by renaming /var/www/html/admin and editing lighttpd config, of course.
But this will break pihole -up with Error: Web Admin repo is missing from system!.

Maybe this coud be solved by a config option to set web admin location?

Make AdminLTE directory configurable

Changing the path is just security by obscurity, which is not secure. That being said, in the future with the new web interface and API, it may be possible to change the path. However, even if it’s possible it may not be recommended.


Ok. Looing forward to testing the new web interface.

I wonder why won’t you recommend changing the default admin login url on a publicly accessible web service?
Sure it’s no real security improvement, but it makes it a lot harder for those scanning my servers and looking for default login urls.


Your interface shouldn’t be publicly accessible.


And neither should port 53!


I need this option as well, since /var/www/html is used by an apache2 installation, that is configured to forward port 80 and 443. This is needed because of my nextcloud installation. Therefore I would like to install AdminLTE in a different directory (e.g. /var/www/local), which exposes this port only in my local network.

Since all scripts already implement this string as a constant at the top of the file, loading it as a value from setupVars.conf should be easy.