Ad list error

Wait. I'm confusing you .listen to @DanSchaper and @rdwebdesign they're on the right track.

I didn't realize they responded when I replied back to you since I was doing it via email. Ignore my most recent responses and I'll try to delete them.

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i will still try to set up the static IP because when I looked it up it said I needed it

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Yes. They are two separate things.

could I manually add the adlist in the terminal listed of doing it with gravity?

I don't know how casaos works or what issues that OS may come with.

Can you do one more debug log, they expire after 48 hours.

Does the problem still happen if you do a pihole -g from the command line inside the container?

I'm to 100% sure what I did but I got it fixed for anyone who has this problem all i did was in casaos app store i added GitHub - bigbeartechworld/big-bear-casaos: This is a CasaOS third-party app store with some neat apps. to the apps store and downloaded his docker pie hole from the store and it just I worked thank I you so so so much for all your help sorry i did not respond i was on vacation

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