Accessibility Support: Colors

Requesting the addition of accessibility support for individuals who are color blind or specifically red green colorblind. A change to make text that is red be displayed in another color would make the dashboard much more usable for people who cannot differentiate between red and green (or similar colors).

@Mcat12 Can we pin this for the new web interface? It seems like a good feature to include.

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I'll make a tracking issue in GitHub.

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Any news on this? What is the number of that tracking issue?

I just started using pi-hole and the colors for the log is really hard to read for me, if you want to emulate the issue then try to enable the grayscale color filter included in the latest windows 10 update, it should be enabled if you hit Ctrl+Win+C. If not check the accessibility settings. If you can make the UI usable while still viewing it through grayscale then it will be a great service to people with different color vision.

Some ideas:

  • Dark vs light background in that list for blocked vs not blocked? Colors are harder to see if it's just the color of small letters.
  • Let the users pick their own colors using color codes, font colors at least but maybe all colors.
  • Dark mode would also be great, I enabled a dark userstyle to use with Stylus and the dark background made the color of the fonts stand out a bit more.

Different people have different color vision so if you can pass the grayscale test then you should be all good.

Thanks for the bump, I completely agree that this needs to be done. I don't know if an issue was ever created.