Ability to make all traffic for one host name be reported as one "Exclusive traffic"

In this particular case, I have a single device showing up as being three different address's, but all statistics are reported with the same Host Name (two of the addresses are ipv6 adresses). Is there a way to marry the statistics from all the same Host Name, irregardless of the address's reporting the blocks? The undesired statistics would be seeing JohnJim.lan showing up three or four different times on the statistic's list when the traffic from JohnJim.lan should be recognized as coming from one source when being observed from a statistics approach.

It's called alias-clients:

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I take it this hasn't been baked into the main pihole yet?

The alias client feature has been part of pihole for a long time, been using it for more than 6 months now. Unfortunally, the web interface hasn't been updated to reflect this, so you need to write sqlite queries to extract meaningfull information from it. I've been using grafana to display results in a more meaningfull way.

What you need to do (not possible using the web interface)

  • create alias clients (id, name, comment) in the aliasclient table of the FTL database
  • ensure a name is available for the ip address in the network_addresses table
  • add the aliasclient_id info in the network table for that ip

complex, but it can be done

I thought we have added everything necessary, the "only" missing part is the ability to actually manage them. Am I wrong?

Everything works as expected, but the webinterface hasn't been updated. In the above screen shot, you can see there are 2179 requests from alias client Y50, however, when you click on the Y50 link, you get:

queries.php doesn't know about alias clients, thus no results...

no worries, you've already indicated this would be part of pihole v6, those who are using alias clients will have to find another way to get the required information...

Oh, yes. The Query log filtering. But I was referring to the charts on the dashboard. Did we forget to update them as well?

Client activity over last 24 hours doesn't show any alias clients, only Top Clients (total) and Top Clients (blocked only) have alias client information.