A few questions about Pi-Hole


First of all sorry for not making each of these questions into separate topics but I feel they are too small to have a topic for each of them. After using Pi-hole for a bit (and finding it VERY useful) I have gotten a small list of questions that I was wondering if they could be answered. Here they are:

  1. My router’s ip still has requests coming from it even though I get device specific queries too (maybe some device traffic is still going through the router, should I restart all my devices? Or maybe the Verizon Fios router does some statistics collection or something). screenshot

  2. Localhost is still sometimes querying the router with PTR requests every hour. I looked at the queried domains and they seemed to be IP addresses for devices in my home network. When I looked at the devices I noticed that it only queries devices that use Pi-hole. screenshot

  3. Do only devices that use Pi-hole have hostnames shown? I gave hostnames to all my devices but they only appear if the device uses Pi-hole.

  4. I set up OpenVPN on my Pi Zero running Pi-hole, will this slow down Pi-hole's performance?

OS: Raspberry Pi OS lite
Internet connected via: Ethernet (using micro usb to ethernet adapter)
Router: Verizon Fios (I think it is a Quantum gateway, not sure what model though)
Debug Log: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/qyb8ghsywe


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  1. It's hard to say how your router is processing requests, or if it is originating replies. I don't think that what you are seeing is abnormal.

  2. Localhost will query PTR hourly. This is Pi-hole polling the clients on the network and upstream DNS resolvers to confirm names. This is normal.

  1. This depends on where you are looking. In the query log, you will only see queries from clients that are using Pi-hole, and if you have the IP's mapped to names the names will be shown. The network tab will show all clients whether or not they use Pi-hole, and if you have the client IP's mapped to names the names will show there as well.

Performance of Pi-hole is unrelated to the origin of the queries it receives. If there is delay in the response, it would be due to the overhead of the VPN tunneling the traffic.

Your debug log shows that your Pi-hole is working normally.

Thank you!

You answered all my questions but the third one, here are some screenshots that make it more clear what I mean:

This is my static DHCP leases table,'s hostname is Chromecast.

But here it doesn't show as having any hostname.

Then after I get it to use Pi-hole the hostname appears, could this be a bug?