2nd install, webpage stops responding

I installed pihole on the same pi3b twice. both time, it's fine at the install, config what I need and seems to be working. the problem I'm seeing is at some point I can not longer access the webpage (ip address) or the admin (ip address/admin) page. the last time, I completely started from scratch with a new card, imaged things, reinstalled and went back to working normally.

install 1 - seemed to run a few months no issues, upgraded to latest ver no issues. then at some point I could not access the webpage
install 2 - seemed to run for a few weeks no issues. then at some point I could not access the webpage

both seem to work in terms of resolving dns but the webpage does not respond, I only get timeout pages. the only time I know something is problematic is when I attempt to login. I am able to ping the box, responds normally. I can ssh to it but I'm not sure what username is correct (root, pi, something different). I did reboot the box by pulling the power but the result is the same. I have a few pis hooked up to a shared power supply, all connecting to a mini switch that then goes into my main switch. I do not have this problem (or any other problem I can detect/issue with performance) with any other pi in the rack.

my questions are:
• why does the webpage stop responding?
• is there something that would allow me to restart the webpage only?
• what are the correct credentials to use to ssh to the box? I keep ALL my passwords in a password mgr, there would only be limited options and I was able to connect previously so I don't think it's a case of the wrong password. this also means I can not create a debug token

Please observe our help template. In particular:

Please upload a debug log and post just the token that is generated after the log is uploaded by running the following command from the Pi-hole host terminal:

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

thanx for the response. I actually had address both points in my post:

• I can not access the webpage
• I have the password I would use for the webpage but what is the username I would use to ssh? the webpage I would just enter the password so I should be able to ssh if I know to use root, pi or something else. so far both pi and root did not seem to work

as of now, I do not have a way to create the token. if you could guide me or confirm what I should use for ssh I'll upload the token once I can create it

How did you install Pi-hole? Logged in via ssh or with a monitor and keyboard connected?

I did a headless install of raspbian lite then installed pihole. since I already had it installed, I had an entry in my pw mgr. I did not see a need to change it so I should have been able to connect using those credentials. I was not able to connect that way so I wanted to check the proper set of credentials I should use.

imho, I don't think the root cause of the issue is pihole. I was trying to see if anyone else had ever had this issue but with so many cases of weirdness, I think the hw itself may be having some problems. I'd love to be able to determine the issue and address it so it doesn't occur again but it seems odd some of the basics are problematic

ok, I messed up on the pw. I have a build book with everything I want to standardize my pi before I put it into network. I completely missed the step where I run PASSWD! now that I corrected that little detail, I generated the token. my fault on lack of ssh ability, I was rushing to get the box back up last time.