10000 querys an hour 24/7

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Expected Behaviour:

raspberry pi 3b with docker basic container install

Actual Behaviour:

when i logged in to pi hole with the browser gui it shows 2 clients and 10,000 querys an hour 24/7
the query log shows the routers IP making all the query and the domain "."
i known as the router is the DCHP that the log will only show the routers IP.
also not sure why it shows 2 clients.

Debug Token:


This is a misbehaving client on your network. The domain is the root domain. Some routers have been reported to do this.

One client is the router, the other is likely the Pi-hole itself.


I used wireshark and it showed my sky box constantly firing off a query even in standby mode. So I've placed a block on it at the router level to see what happens.

Another strange thing from 3pm until 6pm pihole seems to shut down.

Can't seem to find a schedule within Pi hole. Is there somewhere within Pi hole that has a scheduling system

How do you get to this interpretation? It may just be that nothing in your network is doing requests at this time (maybe it is the sky box that goes into sleep mode).

There is nothing in Pi-hole that would do this. There may be other things on the system you installed Pi-hole on that may be doing this, however.

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