Feature Requests

Subscribe to ad block lists [Implemented] (6)
Extra DHCP Server Options [Feature Requests] (4)
Exclude certain LAN addresses from filtering [Feature Requests] (12)
Raspap webgui integration [Feature Requests] (4)
Randomize time of cron's PiHole -g process for getting all files [Feature Requests] (13)
Add option to block all IDN domains [Closed or Out-of-scope] (10)
[FTL] Always "show all" in the query log [Feature Requests] (5)
DHCP Server options [Feature Requests] (5)
Add an option to stay logged in + Customise what boxes are on dashboard for non admins [Feature Requests] (2)
Option to select a web port number at install time [Feature Requests] (11)
Assign alias to IP numbers for easier identification [Partially-implemented] (17)
Better gravity list: Removing duplicate domains (wildcards) [Feature Requests] (3)
AAAA_QUERY_ANALYSIS=no configuration [Feature Requests] (9)
Dark/Black Web-interface [Feature Requests] (3)
Static DNS / IP correlation GUI under tools [Partially-implemented] (12)
Prevent logging of certain domains [Partially-implemented] (11)
Static IP and lease time [Implemented] (4)
Ability to sort whitelist/blacklist sites by date added as well as alphabetically [Partially-implemented] (6)
Implement wildcard for blacklist (any subdomains of a domain) [Implemented] (8)
Persistent Login to Pi-Hole Admin Page [Implemented] (12)
Local hostname resolution [Implemented] (3)
Filter the Tail PiHole Log [Feature Requests] (10)
Audit Log [Implemented] (14)
Redirect pi.hole to pi.hole/admin [Implemented] (4)
Ability to block specific MAC addresses [Feature Requests] (1)
Pre-Warning Security Feature for domains being called [Feature Requests] (1)
Report of blocked domains to be sent to you by email or download report [Partially-implemented] (8)
Add DNS.WATCH to the default DNS servers [Implemented] (5)
Wildcard and regex support for whitelisting [Feature Requests] (5)
Support dropping ESNI records for blocked domains [Feature Requests] (3)