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Multiplexing Null blocking [implemented] (5)
Add Static DHCP Option to Allow Specific Clients to Bypass Pi-hole (3)
Support for choice of resolver and/or Web server (14)
IP/Host association (3)
Adm console, clients over time activity - add # queries blocked (1)
Add the ability to let Pi-Hole resolve DNS ( 2 ) (26)
Show the blocking blacklist(s) (5)
Add "join/leave beta" buttons on webUI (5)
Last Block List Update Date/Time Info Displayed (2)
Report of blocked domains to be sent to you by email or download report (8)
Admin Web interface over HTTPS (16)
New Settings Page Addition (4)
Static DNS / IP correlation GUI under tools (12)
Aliasing Hostnames to simplify tracking (2)
Assign alias to IP numbers for easier identification (17)
Ability to sort whitelist/blacklist sites by date added as well as alphabetically (6)
Rename Top clients? (3)
DHCP server, is it possible to load a bunch of MAC address, IP address and host name with a file? (15)
New Adblocking list (6)
Edit /etc/pihole/local.list through the web interface (8)
Replacement of Ads with own content (6)
Snapshot/Backup/Restore (10)
Ability to easily ad picture in place of blocked add (5)
Saved filters in the query list (3)
Prevent logging of certain domains (11)