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Add option to block all IDN domains (13)
Log only blocked queries (3)
Use instead of DNS IP in blocklists (7)
Audit Log (14)
Seeing upstream Null results non changeable (6)
Add Quad9s' secondary IPv6 Address 2620:fe::9 (8)
Whitelist entries added in external .conf files (3)
DNS Server on alternate port (4)
Wildcard blacklists should support * for .com .net etc (9)
Wildcard blocking for complex domains (2)
Ability to check for updates and display current and update version via API (2)
Cached Queries Percentage Statistic on Dashboard (11)
Cache / server statistics (13)
Request ability to export DHCP Settings separately (3)
List DNSEC BOGUS domains in a different color (2)
Supporting dnsmasq 'wildcard' blocklists (2)
Website Blocked - Technical Info (email/notify Admin option) (3)
Add full support for DNSSEC in Query Log (4)
Implement wildcard for blacklist (any subdomains of a domain) (8)
Implement Response Zone Policies (NXDOMAIN) for end-user performance increase ( 2 ) (32)
Expand API (13)
Top Blocked Domains per Client (8)
Persistent Login to Pi-Hole Admin Page (12)
How to blacklist a domain like: *-abc.domain.com (starting with a dash) (13)
Add CloudFlare DNS Servers (5)
Don't whitelisted block list domains by default (2)
Implement privacy levels (2)
Add Default Support for CloudFlare DNS (8)
Static IP and lease time (4)