Feature Requests   Closed or Out-of-scope

Implement DNS-over-TLS capability in Pi-hole ( 2 3 ) (44)
Time based and device based block (5)
Block "ANY" requests (14)
Add autoupdate (cron) in GUI? (4)
Protecting kids (8)
Able to run user script in gravity.sh for Pi-hole Milestone 5 (4)
Bring Back the blocked page in the new (ish) v4 default blocking mode? (4)
Possible new feature; GUI to Regex? (9)
Make AdminLTE directory configurable (3)
Do not "touch" the local port 80 during install (2)
Add note to blacklist/whitelist sites (3)
Block cookies network wide for domains (10)
Option to add "www" pair to beginning of block list domains (6)
Restricting bandwidth usage to a DHCP client mac address (5)
Redirect back to pi-hole whitelist on blocked domain (3)
Show Pi uptime (5)
Ability to mount pihole.log as tmpfs (12)
Per device network traffic consumption monitor ? (Code available) (2)
Ability to export transporter to network share (9)
Api expansion (2)
Blocking adult and malware domains when using unbound (4)
Ipfs (4)
Possible to strip tracking URL from links? (4)
Move source code to GitLab (3)
Conditional Whitelisting? (7)
Decentraleyes (network wide) (2)
Ip block list (4)
PUT MAC Address on gui (7)
Anti detectadblock? (5)
Per client White and Black Lists (2)