Feature Requests   Closed or Out-of-scope

Restricting bandwidth usage to a DHCP client mac address (5)
Redirect back to pi-hole whitelist on blocked domain (3)
Show Pi uptime (5)
Ability to mount pihole.log as tmpfs (12)
Per device network traffic consumption monitor ? (Code available) (2)
Ability to export transporter to network share (9)
Api expansion (2)
Blocking adult and malware domains when using unbound (4)
Ipfs (4)
Possible to strip tracking URL from links? (4)
Move source code to GitLab (3)
Implement DNS-over-TLS capability in Pi-hole ( 2 ) (36)
Conditional Whitelisting? (7)
Decentraleyes (network wide) (2)
Ip block list (4)
PUT MAC Address on gui (7)
Anti detectadblock? (5)
Per client White and Black Lists (2)
Add option to block all IDN domains (10)
Query to show which application made a certain request (2)
Whitelist / Blacklist Hosts (My computers on my network) (3)
Network Traffic (1)
Stop/Start monit during Pi-hole update (5)
Export Blacklist with in front of each line (3)
Traffic Shaping (4)
Web Interface: Show Disk Free Space by CPU usage (12)
Show whole url in query log instead of domain (12)
Pi-Hole as a Child Net Nanny - simple pseudo-Putty add/remove (2)
Warning/Notice to check if port 53 is open to the internet (3)
Add Uptime to the Status area of the web interface ( 2 ) (28)